K3 Soft Panel Revision History

The latest (and only) base release of the software is version 1.1.0 released 02-March-2014. Here are the available patches for the current version.

Revisions to the current version:

Revision 110-01: Included in this patch:
  • Fixed a problem wherein clicking on a K3 soft panel menu item prior to selecting a Menu Type would cause the program to fail;
  • Removed the restriction on changing the baud rate for communicating with the K3 from the K3 soft panel menu;
  • Added the baud rate to the Resume dialog
  • Provided an indication of the baud rate currently in use
  • Fixed a problem wherein the baud rate was not being retained across a restart
  • Fixed a problem wherein the Resume dialog panel showing information on the com port and baud rate in use in communicating with the K3 is not showing up in some cases
Right click on Patch 110-01 and elect to save the file to download the patch, saving it in a directory of your choice. Then extract the two files contained in the patch and run the Setup file to install the patch. This patch was made available on the web site 18-March-2014.  

Copyright: C.W. Sanders, NO5W
Last Updated: 18-March-2014