2018 LaQP Parishes on the Air

Mobiles are advised to check here for the latest road construction information.

To access maps showing counties available by mode use the Saturday links.
Counties Available to Mixed Mode Operators(47) Saturday
Counties Available to CW Only Operators(46) Saturday
Counties Available to SSB Only Operators(3) Saturday
For individual route maps use the following links.
Here are the fixed stations arranged by mode.
MIX: KA5M(Caddo) N5LCC(Ouachita)
CW: K5MMH(Washington) W3GW(WestFeliciana)
SSB: KG5KWO(Tensas)
  • NO5W/m operated by Dallas-K1DW and Chuck-NO5W
  • N5LCC operated by Jim-W5LA(CW) and Bobby-WM5H(SSB) at station W5WZ
  • If you are interested in the grid chase please check out this map
  • You can follow NO5W/m on APRS using this map

Last Updated: 15-Mar-2018 23:24