County Line Example

I-64 Near Evansville, IN

North of Evansville, IN interstate I-64 travels, for about 8.5 miles, right along the county line separating Vanderburgh county to the south from Gibson county on the north. Use this link to view a larger map of the area and then zoom as far as possible to see the relationship between I-64 and the county line. It is probably best seen using just the map image and turning off the satellite imagery.

Travelling from west to east you enter Vanderburgh county about .5 miles south of the Vanderburgh-Gibson county line and then in approximately 1.75 miles the interstate comes to within about 100 yards south of the line and travels almost parallel to the line for about 5 miles before crossing just over the line into Gibson near Princeton Road and staying there for approximately 2 miles when it dips back south of the line into Vanderburgh for approximaely 1 mile before finally crossing north of the line and remaining there eventually crossing into Warrick county about 2 miles later.

Since I don't live in that area and have never driven through the area with CQ/X it's not possible to say exactly how the program would behave but I suspect that Vanderburgh would remain as the detected county for the first 5.75 miles. Then the program would briefly detect Gibson as the county for the next 2 miles, then switch back to Vanderburgh for about 1 mile before finally detecting and remaining in Gibson until crossing into Warrick. Since I don't live in the area it is unknown how many county markers are present along this stretch. At any rate it pays to be aware of  possibilities like this prior to starting out on a trip and, if necessary, to use the manual override option explained in the documentation to override the automatic county switching logic.

Last Updated: 16-February-2008