K5ITO 2012 TXQP Route

    Our Saturday plan is to work county lines starting at the Ellis/Johnson county line near Venus, and then do the following county lines Johnson/Somervell; Somervell/Bosque; Somervell/Hood; Hood/Johnson; Johnson/Parker; Parker/Tarrant; Tarrant/Dallas. We plan to spend approx 45 minutes at each county line pair, operating SSB and possibly some PSK31 (if find any operators out there). Also, plan to operate 40m NVIS, if the location is suitable.

    On Sunday we'll do a similar plan starting at the Dallas/Kaufman county line and then doing Kaufman/Van Zandt; Kaufman/Hunt; Hunt/Van Zandt; Rains/Hopkins; Hopkins/Hunt; Hunt/Rains; Hunt/Rockwall. We are planning on being on these county line pairs for approx 20 minutes before moving on to the next pair. We will be operating one radio while moving.

    73, Jerry KB6OJE


Ellis Johnson Somervell Bosque Somervell
Hood Johnson Parker Tarrant --


Dallas Kaufman VanZandt Hunt VanZandt
Rains Hopkins Hunt Rains Rockwall

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    Last Updated: 23-September-2012