K5NA 2008 TQP Route

    The Driving Burrito Brothers and our Little Sister Driver (Susan K5DU) will be out again in the 2008 TQP with three stations in a Tahoe. As you can see from the map we'll be activating 38 counties west and northwest of Austin all the way up to Lubbock which will be our Saturday night stop. Look for us mainly on 40 and 20 on both SSB and CW. 

    Hope to work you in the 2008 Texas QSO Party.

    Richard K5NA - Head Burrito and Passenger Seat Op
    Larry K5OT - Middle Seat Burrito Op
    Gary W5ZL - Third Seat Burrito Op
    Susan K5DU - Head Burrito Driver and 2M Op


Travis Hays Blanco Gillespie Kerr
Kimble Sutton Schleicher Irion Tom Green
Coke Sterling Glasscock Howard Martin
Andrews Gaines Dawson Terry Yoakum
Cochran Bailey Lamb Hockley Lubbock


Lubbock Lynn Garza Scurry Mitchell
Nolan Taylor Callahan Eastland Brown
Mills Lampsas Burnet Williamson Travis
    You can also view our route on Google Maps
    Last Updated: 17-September-2008