KE5MS 2008 TQP Route

Hey! Any fishermen out there? Matt and I are going to do our usual TQP Fishing Excursion. We'll be fishing in the evenings on the lighted pier at Sandollar RV Park in Rockport and staying in the Official TQP Popup. Any tips on other fishing spots in the Rockport area? Heck, why don't ya'll just hop in your mobile and come down and fish with us! You can do a little TQPing on the trip down and back!

We'll be operating CW mostly with an occasional QSY to SSB when things get slow and in response to requests to try SSB. 

This year we'll be using Matt's call KE5MS.

CUL Matt(KE5MS) and Danny (N5BE)

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Last Updated: 21-September-2008