NO5W 2014 MSQP Route Map

Here is a list of counties and a map showing the route I am planning to follow in the Mississippi QSO Party.  I will be operating without a driver so I will be driving and then stopping to operate. I plan to spend 15-20 minutes in each county and will only operate once from each. I have reviewed the route using Google Maps Street View and decided on the stopping points shown on the map. Note that several of them indicate operation on a county line. In that case be prepared for two back-to-back QSOs. Refer to this schedule or click on the map pushpins for an estimated time of arrival at each of the stopping points. Operation will be CW only on 40m-10m depending on band conditions and I will try to hang out around 052 +/-QRM. Time permitting I may add Amite at the end.

Looking forward to working you in the 2014 MSQP.


Pearl River Hancock Harrison Jackson George
Stone Greene Perry Forrest Lamar
Jones Covington Jefferson Davis Marion Walthall

View a larger map of the NO5W route

Last Updated: 03-April-2014