2009 Texas QSO Party - Announced Coverage

These are the counties that have submitted operation plans in the 2009 Texas QSO party as of September 24, 2009. This map is being updated on a daily basis as additional announcements of plans are received. Gray indicates that there are currently no announced operations from that county.

Just after we received notice from someone indicating they would activate our last county (Wilson) we unfortunately received notice of a cancellation that took out a good chunk of southeast Texas so the total number of active counties has dropped down to 238. So for one brief shining moment we had all of them covered. However, not to worry, we scrambled to fill the southeast Texas void and K5WAF and W5PF both stepped up and said they'd do it -- thanks guys and thanks to all the mobiles who came forward and said they'd be out and about seeing Miles and Miles of Texas!  

  254 of 254 Counties Have Announced Activity

View a larger map and a list of active stations

Here's a map showing only those counties which have reported no activity

All 254 Counties are now showing activity. Have fun trying to work 'em all!

Note 1:
The addition of county boundaries slows down the presentation of these maps, especially these involving a large number of counties and most noticeably when changing zoom levels. If you receive a message that a script is busy, just click continue. These graphics are not recommended for older machines and/or dial-up connections. A text-based version of this information will be available prior to the party.

Note 2: We have noticed that the amount of data on the top map is apparently too large for Google, at least in the way we have it implemented. The main error noticed is when you click on a county on the map the county name that Google presents is incorrect. The map needs to be divided into about four sectors. That may or may not happen prior to the QSO party.

Last Updated: 25-September-2009