2013 Texas QSO Party - Announced Coverage

Here are three views of the counties that have been included in submitted operating plans for the 2013 Texas QSO party as of September 22, 2013. The first map shows the counties available to the mixed mode operator(all counties), the second map the counties available to the phone only operator(phone + mixed), and the third map the counties available to the CW only operator (CW + mixed). These maps are being updated as additional announcements of plans are received so check back often.

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Click on a county to see which stations will be operating from there.

The addition of county boundaries slows down the presentation of these maps, especially these involving a large number of counties and most noticeably when changing zoom levels. If you receive a message that a script is busy, just click continue. These graphics are not recommended for older machines and/or dial-up connections. A text-based version of this information is also available.

Last Updated: 28-September-2013