W0BH 2012 TXQP Route

    Bob/W0BH and Ron/AD0DX will be running 35 counties in the Panhandle. We'll operate both CW and SSB staying around frequencies ending in "7" .. try "37" first on 40 and 20m (others as time permits).

    Here's a link to my 2012 TQP Route : http://www.cs.hesston.edu/w0bh/12txqp_w0bh.pdf. Find additional information on the W0BH QRZ page. Hope to put you in our log from each of our counties!



Ochiltree Hansford Hutchinson Moore Sherman
Dallam Hartley Oldham Potter Carson
Armstrong Randall DeafSmith Castro Parmer
Bailey Lamb Swisher Hale Floyd
Briscoe Crosby Dickens King Cottle
Motley -- -- -- --


Cottle Childress Hall Donley Collingsworth
Wheeler Hemphill Gray Roberts Lipscomb

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    Last Updated: 23-September-2012