WB0TEV 2010 TQP Route

    We plan to be operating TXM Multi-OP SSB only, on 40/20/15/10 during daylight hours, though mostly 40/20. We will be on APRS as WB0TEV-10 although coverage can be spotty in much of rural East Texas. We may drop Cass and/or Marion if need be so as to arrive in Longview (Gregg) by 1930 Z. Likely QRT ~2100-2400Z Saturday, then back on from 0000-0200Z on 80m (3825-3850 kHz) from Gregg and possibly also a 2nd run thru Rusk, Panola, and/or Harrison.

    On Saturday, we will be on from Lamar, Red River and Marion, counties only long enough to make 5 QSOs unless the QSO rate holds up reasonably well thereafter. Ditto for Trinity on Sunday. Back on 40/20/15/10 Sunday AM. Trinity and Houston may be omitted if we are behind schedule at that point. Fixed stations please spot us at http://ch.w6rk.com  Follow our APRS track and those of others at http://aprs.fi/ or on the Google Map below.

    Hope to work you on multiple bands from multiple counties in the 2010 TXQP. Will also be looking for QSOs on 146.52 FM simplex near the larger cities.

    Victor WB0TEV
    Mark KK5MR


    Hunt Fannin Delta Lamar Delta
    Hopkins Franklin Red River Franklin Wood
    Camp Titus Morris Cass Marion
    Upshur Gregg Harrison Gregg Harrison
    Panola Rusk Gregg - -


    Gregg Rusk Panola Shelby Nacogdoches
    Angelina Houston Trinity Houston Angelina
    Cherokee Anderson Henderson Van Zandt Rains
    Hunt - - - -

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      Last Updated: 18-September-2010