WB0TEV 2012 TXQP Route

    This year WBØTEV/M will be operating SSB only. The plan is to activate 35 counties but I may have to cut some corners and drop a few if I get too far behind schedule. Unlike previous years when I have been assisted by KK5MR, I may be traveling solo as Mark may well be unavailable this year. So, unless I rig up a means of recording for post contest playback and log transcription, I may be in drive, stop, operate, drive mode.

    I'll be mostly on 20m but time permitting will try and get on 40m briefly from each county to make these counties available for fellow Texans and those too close for 20m. I may tend to gravitate to freqs ending in "6" if QRM so permits. On occasion I'll try 15m and even 10m if they look promising. On 15m check around 21.336, 28.336 on 10m. On 40m the 50 kHz BW of the Hustler vertical will be set to cover 7200-7250, I'll aim first for 7236 if its available. On 20m I plan on bouncing between the county hunter's net on 14.336 when they can accommodate me an in the typical 14250-14275 alley (or somewhat above/below) otherwise.

    I'll be most grateful to all who spot me on ch.w6rk.com to drive more QSO's my way. The county list (subject to revision) and guesstimated time of entry for each is listed below. I plan to start Saturday AM at the tri-county intersection of Grayson, Collin and Fannin counties. Those with an * are the ones most likely to be omitted if I fall too far behind schedule.

    I'll likely be QRT 2230-2330 Saturday for a stop in Longview to visit my kids at college.

    CU on the radio!

    Victor - WBØTEV/m


Grayson-1400 Collin-1400 Fannin-1400 Hunt-1443 Fannin-1500
Lamar-1525 Fannin-1537 Delta-1552 Hopkins-1628 Franklin-1704
*RedRiver-1714 Franklin-1726 Titus-1743 Morris-1817 *Bowie-1827
Morris-1839 *Camp-1920 Upshur-1932 Marion-1949 Cass-1955
Marion-2011 Harrison-2029 Panola-2123 Rusk-2140 Gregg-2200
Smith-2351 Wood-0027 *VanZandt-0044 Rains-0109 Hunt-0131


Rockwall-1400 Dallas-1412 Ellis-1446 Navarro-1509 Hill-1548
*Mclennan-1609 *Falls-1647 Mclennan1659 Limestone-1705 Freestone-1750
Navarro-1806 Henderson1857 Kaufman-1916 -- --

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    Last Updated: 15-September-2012