WW5X 2008 TQP Route

This year I'll be driving back down to the Texas Panhandle from Oklahoma to do some multi-county operation which has been extremely successful and a whole lot of fun in previous years.

Listen for me on both CW and SSB and get ready to have 2-4 rapid QSOs. Hope to work you in the 2008 Texas QSO Party.



Gray[CL-1] Wheeler[CL-1] Collingsworth[CL-1] Donley[CL-1]
Carson[CL-2] Armstrong[CL-2]

Oldham[C-3] Deaf Smith[CL-3] Potter[CL-3] Randall[CL-3]
Castro[CL-4] Swisher[CL-4] Hale[CL-4]
CL-x indicates operation at the common point of the county lines
* if time allows


Hale[CL-5] Crosby[CL-5] Floyd[CL-5] Lubbock[CL-5]
Motley[CL-6] Cottle[CL-6]
Childress[CL-7] Hardeman[CL-7]
Wilbarger*[CL-8] Hardeman*[CL-8]

You can also view my route on Google Maps

For last minute updates on Bill's route check out his website. [NO5W]

Last Updated: 18-September-2008