N5AUS 2011 TXQP Route

    I will be operating as a solo driver/solo operator on Saturday and Sunday. Assuming I remember to bring the radio, I intend to operate primarily on 40m and 20M at county line crossings. Once you make a QSO, don't go away, because we can immediately make a second (or third QSO) on the same band. If other bands are open, I may try to switch bands at the crossing after all QSOs are complete and try to repeat the QSOs just completed on the new open band. Once the contacts have died off at a crossing - assuming any of you actually will talk to me - I will be silent (well, as much as a lawyer can be) until the next crossing. The crossing pairs are as follows:    
        La Salle - Webb
        Webb – Zapata – Jim Hogg
        Jim Hogg – Duval – Brooks
        Starr – Hidalgo
        Willacy – Cameron
        Willacy – Kenedy
        Kleberg – Nueces
        Bee – Live Oak – San Patricio
        Karnes – Wilson
        Wilson - Gonzales

    Good luck and good fun to all!


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    Last Updated: 23-September-2011