W0BH 2011 TQP Route

    Due to some commitments on Saturday morning we will not be arriving in the panhandle until around 1600 CDT. Look for us mostly on 20/40 and occasionally on 80. We'll try to stay around "36" (example 7036, 7236), and will check 15 and 10 during the day. If "36" is busy, check right around "36", then "48". For a downloadable schedule (with map) and last minute updates, check the W0BH QRZ.COM listing. We're looking forward to working you from all 21 counties!


    Bob- W0BH 
    Ron -AD0DX


Ochiltree Hansford Hutchinson Moore Sherman
Dallam Hartley Oldham Potter Randall


Carson Armstrong Donley Hall Childress
Collingsworth Wheeler Hemphill Gray Roberts
Lipscomb - - - -

Here is a link to our timeline.  For additional details and last minute updates be sure to check the W0BH entry on QRZ.
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    Last Updated: 20-September-2011