WB0TEV 2011 TXQP Route

    Assisted by KK5MR WB0TEV plans to be QRV in the 2011 Texas QSO party from the following 3 dozen or so counties. Unlike previous years when WB0TEV/M was 99-100% SSB, this year I plan on doing a modest amount of CW as well. My Morse skills are not what they used to be (but getting better), so will do mostly S&P on 40 CW but for counties where it looks like I’m the only source for CW I may get bold and call CQ.

    If the neighborhood around X.040 is too crowded I might call on my “secret” backwater frequencies of 7.066/14.066 MHz. Mid-day I may try 10m (28.410) at 10 minutes past the hour and 15m (21.315) at 15 minutes past the hour. Others are encouraged to try this “10 at 10” and “15 at 15” paradigm to spark successful activity on those bands.

    Will be QRT much of 2100-2300Z Saturday for supper and a visit with my kids at LeTourneau University in Longview before doing a loop to the south before returning to Longview from whence we will begin again Sunday AM. May get on either 80m CW or 75m SSB during the backtrack from San Augustine/Shelby to Gregg in the closing minutes Saturday, but will likely stay on 40m/20m if they stay productive.

    We should be squawking WB0TEV-10 on APRS. Will try to watch http://ch.w6rk.com for spots and expect to be spotted there myself as well.

    Victor - WB0TEV
    Mark - KK5MR


Collin 1400 Rockwall 1412 Hunt 1424 Rains 1500 VanZandt 1519
Kaufman 1621 Henderson 1633 Navarro 1703 Ellis 1711 Navarro 1725
Freestone 1755 Limestone 1759 Freestone 1812 Leon 1844* Freestone1910
Anderson 1915 Cherokee 1951 Smith 2022 Rusk 2041 Gregg 2054
Harrison 2308 Gregg 2320 Rusk 2335 Panola 2343 Shelby 0017
Sabine 0102* Shelby 0114 SanAugustine 0122* Shelby 0134 --


Gregg 1400 Upshur 1402 Marion 1419 Cass 1425 Marion 1437
Morris 1449 Titus 1516 Camp 1528 Wood 1550 Franklin 1602
RedRiver 1644* Franklin 1656 Hopkins 1706 Delta 1734 Lamar 1759*
Delta 1811 Fannin 1826 Hunt 1846 Fannin 1902 Grayson 1930*
Route is subject to last minute changes, the list of counties and targeted entry times are shown.
I expect to actually run ahead of this time line especially early on. If we fall significantly behind schedule,
some (*) counties may be dropped. Hope to spend the last 15-30 minutes Sunday at the intersection of
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    Last Updated: 13-September-2011