County Overlays

Each of the links below provides access to a Google map containing overlays of the counties in the state/region. Use of these overlays provides one of three possible methods, for obtaining the lat/lon of a crossing point. However, it is not the most efficient method --for that please see the method summarized on the Crossings Locator page and described in detail in this document. With the development of the Crossings Locator the role of the County Overlays has been reduced significantly but they are still useful from time to time in visually reviewing where roads and county lines cross.   

7QP Alabama Arizona Arkansas British Columbia
California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida
Georgia Hawaii* Idaho Illinois Indiana
Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maryland-DC
Maritimes Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri
Nebraska Nevada New England New Hampshire New Jersey
New Mexico New York N. Carolina N. Dakota Ohio
Oklahoma Ontario Pennsylvania S. Carolina S. Dakota
Tennessee Texas Vermont Virginia Washington
W. Virginia Wisconsin

*Admitedly there's limited opportunity for land-based mobiling between counties in Hawaii but for completeness its included.

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Last Updated: 07-March-2014