Logs On A Map

When used with a GPS, CQ/X logs the coordinates of each QSO in a file separate from the QSO log. Once the QSO party is over, and the log submission deadline is past, this log can be used to create a unique searchable view of the mobile operation showing the map location from which each QSO was made. Creation of a log on a map for your operations is described briefly on the features page and in more detail in the Create Logs on a Map document which can be downloaded from the documentation page.

The screen shot below shows an example wherein the blue pushpins represent all QSOs and the red ones the QSOs of the selected station, in this example DL3DXX. This link will take you to the live log on a map where you can choose a QSO party operation from some examples from the operations of NO5W/M over the last several years. Choose an operation and then select a call of interest from the available calls to see all of the locations from which the selected station was worked. If you're interested in the scenery at the point of the QSO click on the Street View button.

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Last Updated: 16-January-2013