Supported Radios

In the following support means that the program is at least capable of tracking and controlling the mode and frequency of the radio since those are the PC-controllable capabilities of main interest in contest operation. Depending on the radio the program may also track and/or control various other parameters but it is not a general purpose radio control program -- a possible exeption being the control interface for the K3 which is quite extensive.

Elecraft Radios- With the acquisition of a K-3 a DLL implementing a full-featured "K3 remote kit" has been developed and tested in mobile operation beginning with the 2009 Oklahoma, Florida, and Texas QSO Parties, and in many mobile operations since. The DLL was initially included in Patch 176-02 and then some enhancements were added in later patches. An overview of the interface can be found here. In its current form documentation for the DLL is minimal. Plans are to remedy that situation if there is sufficient interest and also to possibly convert it to a com object. So if you would like to make use of the DLL in your own application let me know, otherwise documentation and the com object conversion will remain on the back-burner task list. In January 2012 I decided to learn some Android programming and began developing a wireless hand-held remote for the K3 using a small board (Android IOIO) that I obtained from Sparkfun Electronics. Some details on that project are here. I have recently (March 2014) completed development of an initial version of a small application that uses the DLL (SioElecraft.DLL) to build a small general purpose K3 operating application -- see the K3 Soft Panel link on this page for additional details.
ICOM Radios - CQ/X supports the IC-706 MKIIG and the IC-7000 and has been extensively tested in actual use on those two radios. It has also been successfully tested on the IC-775DSP. It should also work on other late model ICOM radios such as other versions of the IC-706 and the different versions of the IC-746 and IC-756. In some cases it may be necessary to change the radio's address to make it appear as one of the radio choices.

Kenwood Radios - CQ/X supports and has been extensively tested on the TS-480. It should also work with other PC-controllable Kenwood radios since most, if not all, of them use the same instructions for frequency and mode.

Yaesu Radios- A module is included in the release for version 1.7.5 for the FT-100 and the FT-1000MP. Very little opportunity has been available for testing the FT-100 but the FT-1000MP has been successfully tested and used in the NARS club's Field Day operations. The FT-920 has also been tested and support is included in Patch 175-04. Support for the FT-2000 and FT-9000 was added in Patch 176-09. The FT-857 has also been tested and support for it is included in Patch 178-06. Although not specifically tested the FT-817 and FT-897 have CAT instructions similar to those of the FT-857 and those two radios should also work. As testing opportunity presents itself for other Yaesu models necessary revisions will be made and the updated module will be made available for down load from this site. 

TenTec Radios- The Omni-VI uses the same protocol as an IC-735 so to interface that radio to CQ/X choose IC-735 and make sure you have the address on the Omni-VI set to 04(hex) [Will be available in Patch 179-07]. A module has been developed for interfacing to the Orion I and Orion II and is currently being tested. This module is not part of the release for version 1.7.5 but will be made available for down load from this site on successful completion of the tests.

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Last Updated: 03-March-2014