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Installation Issues

INS-01: Cannot run the installation of the main package for version 1.7.4  
One user has reported that the installation process for the main package aborts after issuing a "Path Not Found" error. This appears to be due to the use of an older version of InstallShield and only occurs on some machines for an unknown reason. Beginning with Version 1.7.5, a different installation program has been used that does not have this issue.   

GPS Issues

GPS-01: How to interface the popular LT-20/LT-40 GPS from Delorme? 
Jim, KE5LQ, reports that he has been able to successfully interface his LT-20 USB GPS after  downloading the Delorme serial emulator from

He also reports that the emulator allows up to three (3) virtual COM ports to be used simultaneously and that he is using it as the means to pass data both to CQ/X and the Delorme Street Atlas mapping software effectively bypassing the need to use GPS pass through in CQ/X. The emulator also works with the LT-40. [Revised 20-June-11].

GPS-02: Grid Square information is not being logged properly in the GPS log.
Selecting the option to include grid square information in the GPS log results in garbage characters where the grid square information should be. Patch 174-05 provides a fix for this problem. [Added 02-October-07].

GPS-03: The county symbol (#) is appearing at random in the message array
From time to time the county symbol (#) appears in the message array and then goes away after about 10 seconds. During the 10 second period when the # sign is present it is impossible to enter anything in the QSO Entry box without being advised to resolve the # sign.  Patch 174-05 provides a fix for this problem. [Added 02-October-07].

GPS-04: GPS is detected as a mouse rendering the machine unusable.
If a GPS is connected to a serial port while the machine is booting up it will be detected as a serial mouse and will render the machine unusable. This is a result of the auto-detection process performed by the operating system during boot-up. Microsoft provides a tool (COMDisable) that allows the user to disable this auto-detection process on selected com ports. Go to COMDisable Tool for a description of this tool, download the tool and disable the port to which your GPS is connected. [Added 30-January-08].

GPS-05: On Win 7 GPS is detected as a mouse rendering the machine unusable.
I recently discovered when I upgraded my laptop and it came with Win 7 installed that ComDisable (referenced in GPS-04) does not work on Win 7. I have a serial GPS (Garmin 18PC) that connects serially to the US Interface Navigator Auxialiary RS-232 port and then is connected to the laptop, along with CAT and WinKey, via a single USB cable. The GPS connection shows up as Com 9 on my machine. After finding that ComDisable didn't work I decided to look at Com 9 using Device Manager and found the solution. Here's what I did. In Device Manager find the port of interest and right click on that entry. On the resulting menu click on Properties and then the Port Settings tab. On the resulting dialog click on the Advanced button and on the resulting dialog uncheck the Serial Enumerator box under Miscellaneous Options. After doing that I restarted the machine and checked that Serial Enumerator was still unchecked. Then I restarted the machine again with the GPS connected and found that the machine was no longer detecting the GPS as a serial mouse. [Added 17-July-11]. 

Radio Issues

RAD-01: Sluggish response of CQ/X in tracking the frequency and mode of an Icom radio.  Make sure you have the radio set to CI-V Transceive=ON. In this mode the radio will talk whenever there is a change in frequency and/or mode. For this reason CQ/X does not poll Icom radios, it simply listens for data coming from the radio and responds accordingly. [Added 11-September-07].

RAD-02: Use of the Icom IC-718 requires changing the radio's address

The only way to monitor and contol the IC-718 is to reassign the radio's address to the address of one of the supported Icom radios. This was fixed by adding support for the IC-718 in Patch 174-03. [Added 14-September-07].

User Interface Issues

UIF-01: Misspelled county names are not being highlighted 

Misspelled county names should be highlighted in yellow on the dialog for building a route from the county line crossings. This problem is fixed in Patch 174-03. [Added 14-September-07]

UIF-02:  Program appears to lock up due to minimized dialogs

When the button to Assign Crossings is clicked on the initial dialog for building a route from county line crossings and the open dialog appears and is canceled the original dialog is minimized without the user's knowledge causing the program to appear to be locked up. This problem is fixed in Patch 174-03. [Added 14-September-07]

UIF-03: Known adjacent county not recognized as adjacent.

I'm trying to enter a simple sequence of counties on the Plan Route dialog and the county I want to add is not in the list of ones adjacent to the last county I entered but I can see from a map that it is adjacent to that county. How can I get the program to recognize this adjacency?

One of the most tedious tasks in building the data for each QSO party was identifying the adjacent counties for each of the counties in the party, so I'm not surprised that some are missed. Here's what you can do:
  1. Go to the directory for the QSO party under the ContestDefns directory, locate and open the *.mlt file in a text editor.
  2. For each county the full names of the counties that are adjacent to that county are listed in the line that starts with an equal sign (=).
  3. Locate the entry for the county that is missing an adjacency and enter the full name of the missing adjacent county comma-separated from the other adjacent counties. Be sure to eliminate any spaces in the county name (e.g. Red River should be entered as RedRiver.
  4. Keep in mind that if CountyA is adjacent to CountyB then CountyB is adjacent to CountyA so you should ensure that is true by reviewing the adjacencies of CountyB after you have finished with CountyA.
  5. Save the file back where you found it, and save another copy in case you need to restore the change following a download of a new version.
  6. You will need to restart the program to have the change take effect.
  7. Finally send a note of the change to the above support email address so that I can fix the problem in the next version [Added 25-September-07]

UIF-04: Use of the Numeric Keypad.

I'd like to use the numeric keypad to perform certain tasks but do not see these keys in the list of programmable keys - can this feature be added? This feature is available in Patch_174-07.

Serial I/O Issues

SIO-01: COM Ports numbered 10 and above can not be used.

Attempts to connect to devices with COM port numbers 10 and higher result in the error message "Error-port already in use". This restriction on the COM ports is removed in Patch_174-07.

WinKey Issues

KEY-01: Use of a separate keyer for paddle control.

During Field Day one of our operators wanted to use a Logic key for control of the paddle while continuing to use the WinKey for the computer generated messages. It was determined that one way to do this is to connect the output of the Logic key to the paddle input of the WinKey and use the More button to access more functions of the WinKey to change the Keyer Mode to Bug. Thanks to Colin KU5B and Eddy K5EWG for coming up with this solution. [Added 01-July-08]

KEY-02: WinKey won't open -- complains with EFOpenError.

This is likely due to a missing restart file LeftWKRestart.rst file that should be present in the Keyers subdirectory. Problem has been fixed in Patch 176-08. [Added 23-August-09]

Specific Contest Issues

CON-01: 7QP - No mult groups found.

If you get a fatal error saying no mult groups were found you can fix it by making the following change in the  7QP.def file in the ContestDefns subdirectory. Change the STATE_ABBREVIATION line in that file to the following.
[Added 02-May-09]

Copyright: C.W. Sanders, NO5W
Last Updated: 17-July-2011