Supported Serial Keyers

CQ/X does not generate CW internally but controls an external keyer via a com port sending instructions to the keyer with the keyer actually generating the Morse. This places the responsibility for the critical timing required for good CW on the external keying device effectively removing this responsibility from code running under the Windows preemptive multi-tasking OS and simplifies the programming. The program supports the following serial keyers:

MiLog Serial Keyer
- This keyer by K7MI, the author of MiLog, is available from Ham Toys CQ/X supports an early version of this keyer.

WinKey Serial Keyer
- This keyer, developed by K1EL, is available from in RS-232 as well as USB form. It has also been incorporated into a number of USB interface boxes including the CW Micro Keyer offered by Micro Ham and the Navigator offered by US Interface. CQ/X has been successfully tested on the RS-232 and USB standalone versions and extensively with  the USB version in the Navigator. It has also been used on a more limited basis with the CW Micro Keyer and appears to work fine with that device also.

K3 Internal Keyer - This keyer, which is a standard part of the K3, can also be used with CQ/X. This removes the need for an external keyer and allows computer control of the K3 and control of the K3 keying using a single RS-232 connection or a single USB connection with a USB to RS-232 adapter. However, it should also be noted that the internal K3 keyer does not provide all of the functionality of the WinKey, a case in point being the Ultimatic keying mode. Use of the K3 internal keyer requires CQ/X version 1.7.8 patched through Patch 178-02 or later.

Copyright: C.W. Sanders, NO5W
Last Updated:15-August-2010