County Line Crossing Tool

State and Regional County Overlays

One of the more tedious parts of developing route data for use in CQ/X is the development of the Crossing file which is a text file listing each planned county line crossing in the order of travel and in the format

    FromCounty-ToCounty HwyLabel Latitude Longitude

with a separate line for each crossing. Since the items are delimited by spaces there should be no spaces within any of the items. For example the county name Red River must be  entered as RedRiver and a highway label should be written US183 rather than US 183. Although this file is optional the benefit of providing it is that it enables CQ/X to compute and provide timely updates of the distance and time to the next county.

Each of the links below provides access to a Google map containing overlays of all the counties in the state/region. As explained in the document Developing Crossing Files Using Google Maps it is possible to obtain the lat/lon of a crossing point by a mouse click on the Google map overlaid with the counties. 

7QP Alabama  Arizona Arkansas
British Columbia California Colorado Connecticut
Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii*
Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maryland-DC
Maritimes Michigan Minnesota Mississippi
Missouri Nebraska Nevada New England
New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico New York
N. Carolina N. Dakota Ohio Oklahoma
Ontario Pennsylvania S. Carolina S. Dakota
Tennessee Texas Vermont Virginia
Washington W. Virginia Wisconsin --
*Admitedly there's limited opportunity for land-based mobiling between counties in Hawaii but for completeness its included.

Note: Alan Sewell (N5NA) has developed a similar crossing file tool based on the Bing mapping application. One thing to be aware of is that if you use the Bing application with Firefox the Copy to Clipboard button will be blocked by Firefox security. In that case you will need to highlight the line of data and copy/paste it into the crossing file. Check out Alan's crossing tool.
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Last Updated: 28-October-2010