Revision History - Version 1.7.4

The first version of CQ/X made available via this web site, was version 1.7.4. All of the revisions to 1.7.4, described below, have been incorporated in a new version 1.7.5. If you are interested in the revision history for versions prior to 1.7.4 please see the program's Help file CQXClient.pdf which is available for individual download or via the Help menu of the program.

Revision 174-01: Added the capability to export the county line crossings data to a KML file for use by Google Maps. Patch 174-01 made available on web site 6-September-2007.

Revision 174-02: Fixed a problem with the multi-county logging dialog and changed DC from a multiplier to an alias for MD in the California QSO Party. Patch 174-02 made available on web site 8-September- 2007.

Revision 174-03: Provided support for the IC-718 radio to address support issue RAD-02 and corrected problems in the user interface to address support issues UIF-01 and UIF-02. Patch 174-03 made available on web site 15-September-2007.

Revision 174-04: Added the capability to export the sequence of counties from the Plan Route dialog to a KML file for use by Google Maps. Patch 174-04 made available on web site 24-September-2007.

Revision 174-05: Fixed problems reported in support issues GPS-02 and GPS-03. Patch 174-05 made available on web site 02-October-2007.

Revision 174-06: Added support for the Indiana QSO Party. Patch 174-06 made available on web site 16-January-2008.

Revision 174-07: Added capability to assign tasks to the numeric keypad, ability to access com ports with numbers ten and greater, fixed scoring problems in the RAC and IARU HF contests. Patch 174-07 made available on web site 30-January-2008.

Revision 174-08: Added key assignable tasks to send a query based on the last word entered in the QSO enty window and to send the next county message. Fixed a problem with the Enter key processing and fixed a problem causing erratic WinKey startup. Patch 174-08 made available on web site 31-January-2008.

Revision 174-09: Fixed some errors in the MN QP and LA QP multiplier files, updated GA QP for new 2008 rules, added a function-key-assignable task to send last sequence number logged, simplified the call search feature, added a Configuration Decisions document describing the various decisions to be made when setting up the program, simplified the process of loading previous exchange information used in the Auto-Fill feature, modified the Icom interface DLL to provide better rejection of spurious RFI-induced frequency readout, fixed a problem in detecting speed when using the Server-based GPS, and updated the help files to reflect these changes. Patch 174-09 made available on web site 18-March-2008.

Revision 174-10: Revised the files for the Alabama QSO Party to reflect rule changes and new county abbreviations for 2008. Fixed a display error wherein 10M phone QSOs were not being included in the displayed total phone QSOs (but were included in the score calculation). Patch 174-10 made available on web site 21-March-2008.

Revision 174-11: Added a feature for recording notes, added support for the IC-706MKII radio,  improved GPS logging by using the GPS date/time rather than the CPU date/time, fixed a problem in GPS logging in the networked environment wherein the wrong band and mode was being used for QSOs made on the other (non-local) machines, fixed a buffering problem in the CW keyboarding mode, added an option for sending the call while it is being entered including configurable number of entered characters required to initiate the transmission, added an Auto CQ option. Patch 174-11 made available on web site 5-April-2008.

Revision 174-12: Due to conflicts with QSO entry the feature enabling assignment of tasks to the numeric keypad keys has been deactivated. This revision also added improvements to the behavior of the Auto CQ and Send Call While Entering options. The ability to assign tasks to the numeric keypad keys will be reinstated in a later release once the problems are resolved. Patch 174-12 made available on web site 8-April-2008. This is an important patch since failure to apply it will lead to erratic operation of the QSO entry area.

Copyright: C.W. Sanders, NO5W
Last Updated: 06-May-2009