Revision History - Version 1.7.5

Revision 175-01:Added support for the ARRL Field Day event, fixed a problem with a hidden dialog in the Build Plan From Crossings process, provided capability to clear and archive operator notes, and fixed a problem with speed commands embedded in messages. Patch 175-01 made available on web site 13-May-2008.

Revision 175-02:Added support for the Tennessee QSO Party. Patch 175-02 made available on web site 21-May-2008.

Revision 175-03: Provided additional functionality for the WinKey including ability to manage the side tone and to use the WinKey speed pot. Added support for the Icom IC-775DSP and the Yaesu FT1000MP in support of Field Day operations of the local club. Fixed a duping problem in the ARRL Field Day module and added documentation to assist the casual operator in Field Day. Patch 175-03 made available on the web site 24-June-2008.

Revision 175-04: This revision addresses some minor issues discovered during use of CQ/X at the local (NARS) club's ARRL Field Day and cleans up some scoring and duping issues in the IARU-HF contest module. Patch 175-04 made available on the web site 01-July-2008.

Revision 175-05: This revision addresses a problem with frequency readout in the FT-920, a problem with sequence number logging for the ARRL Sweepstakes, and adds support for the New Mexico QSO Party the NCCC Internet Sprint and the Elecraft K-3 radio. Patch 175-05 made available on the web site 02-January-2009.

Revision 175-06:Problems/enhancements addressed in this revision include: some data problems for the Arkansas, Lousiana, New Mexico, and Oklahoma QSO parties, an improved Enter key process, better retention of Winkey and GPS parameters across a restart, an improved call search feature, and a complete control module specific to the Elecraft K-3 radio. Patch 175-06 made available on the web site 03-March-2009. 

Copyright: C.W. Sanders, NO5W
Last Updated: 06-May-2009