Revision History - Version 1.7.6

The latest release of the software is version 1.7.8 released 14-June-2010. Here is the revision history for version 1.7.6. Revision history for version 1.7.5 can be found on Revision History - version 1.7.5,revision history for version 1.7.4 can be found on Revision History - version 1.7.4. Revision history for versions prior to 1.7.4 may be found in the program's Help file CQXClient.pdf which is available for individual download or via the Help menu of the program.
Revision 176-01:Added ability to select a call from the Similar Calls list and copy it to the QSO Entry window. Added ability to perform RIT without calling up the radio's interface screen, removed a modal dialog for the OK QP that would sometimes get hidden giving the appearance that the program has crashed. Patch 176-01 made available on web site 15-March-2009.

Revision 176-02:This revision includes the following changes: naming convention for the counties in the 7QP has been revised to place the state abbreviation first, support has been added for the Kansas and New York QSO parties, a note has been added to the Help menu describing how to use the County Line Crossing Tool on the CQ/X website to simplify development of County Line Crossing files,  made buffering of the second call in the QSO Entry window a key-assignable task, revised the Build Route Plan from Crossings dialog, added the ability to request SWR with ATU bypassed to the K3 interface and made the task assignable to a keystroke, improved the behavior of the AF and RF gain adjustments in the K3 interface module. added an option to have the Enter key send CQ, added an option to have new mults signaled with a sound effect. Patch 176-02 made available on web site 12-April-2009.

Revision 176-03:This revision includes the following changes: adds assignable function keys for controlling the AF Gain of the K3, adds capability to automatically activate the K3 ATU following SWR monitoring, adds a missing county (Rio Grande) to the Colorado QSO Party, adds two missing counties (Benton and Mason) to the Washington counties for 7QP, adds capability to import crossing files prepared using the County Line Crossing Tool without requiring removal of the commas and parentheses, improves the county detection logic for those counties that require multiple polygons for their complete boundary definition, added the capability to use the three-letter abbreviations as county aliases in the NEQP . Patch 176-03 made available on web site 01-May-2009.

Revision 176-04: This revision includes the following changes: Corrects a state abbreviation line in the 7QP definition file; revises the abbreviations for Arizona counties used in the 7QP; revised the abbreviation for Kitsap county used in the 7QP; added items in the 7QP multiplier file for Carson City County Nevada and Mason County Washington; added a dialog for setting Cabrillo parameters for those contests covered by version 3.0 of the Cabrillo specification and updated the program to be compliant with that version; improved the multiplier parsing function to eliminate logging of some incorrect multipliers; revised the ordering of multi-polygon county boundaries based on polygon geographical size to improve performance of county detection for those types of counties. Patch 176-04 made available on web site 07-May-2009.

Revision 176-05: This revision includes the following changes: Fixes a problem introduced in 176-04; adds support for the Missouri and West Virginia QSO parties; adds a bandmap feature; and adds an option to allow non-adjacent counties on the trip planning dialog. Patch 176-05 made available on web site 12-May-2009.

Revision 176-06: This revision includes the following changes: Adds support for the New Jersey QSO party, and  for the CQWW WPX contest, improves data entry for ARRL Field Day, adds the ability to log and properly score RTTY contacts, and fixes a problem wherein the GPS menu would "flash and close" on each GPS update. It also makes a change of the website URL for the Ohio QSO Party. Please note that an interface to a RTTY engine is not currently supported but is planned for a future release. Patch 176-06 made available on web site 06-August-2009.

Revision 176-07: This revision includes the following changes: Adds support for the Iowa QSO party, fixes a problem wherein the GPS simulator output could not be used with mapping programs like Streets & Trips and Street Atlas, adds an antenna-mode dependent preferred power level feature to the K3 module, added ability to change the GPS advisory mode from the GPS Advisory panel, and added capability of CQ/X and SimGPS to handle com ports from 1-255. Patch 176-07 made available on web site 18-August-2009.

Revision 176-08: This revision fixes a problem with a missing WinKey restart file and a problem using non-default baud rates to communicate with the radios. Patch 176-08 made available on web site 23-August-2009.

Revision 176-09: This revision includes the following changes: allows com ports above 99 for radios and keyers, adds a delete all waypoints button to the GPS parameters display, improves the Similar Calls display, fixes a problem with control of the K3 RIT, improves the dialog used in multi-county line operation, fixes a problem with the Enter key when doing S&P, changes the task to present information on previous QSOs with the current station from manual to automatic, and adds support for the Yaesu FT-2000 and FT-9000. Patch 176-09 made available on web site 19-September-2009.

Revision 176-10: This revision includes the following changes: improves the ability to buffer a second caller, provides a more concise next county message, provides dedicated keys for shortened QSL messages, fixes a scoring problem for the Colorado and Iowa QSO Parties, fixes a missing multiplier (IN) problem for the Iowa QSO Party, fixes a problem wherein the new county message would revert to the previous county for one cycle during county changeover, fixed a problem wherein the GPS Manual Advisory mode continues prompting for a decision after one has already been made, and added a key-assignable task for activating the GPS Auto Advisory mode. Patch 176-10 made available on the web site 10-November-2009.

Patch 176-10 will be the final patch for version 1.7.6. A new base version 1.7.7 that includes base version 1.7.6 and associated patches will be available around November 15, 2009.

Copyright: C.W. Sanders, NO5W
Last Updated: 15-November-2009