Revision History - Version 1.7.7

Here is the revision history for version 1.7.7. If you are interested in the revision history for version 1.7.6 please see Revision History - Version 1.7.6, revision history for version 1.7.5 can be found on Revision History - version 1.7.5,revision history for version 1.7.4 can be found on Revision History - version 1.7.4. Revision history for versions prior to 1.7.4 may be found in the program's Help file CQXClient.pdf which is available for individual download or via the Help menu of the program.

Revision 177-01:  This is a large patch due to the following major revisions/additions: Replacement of the current boundary polygons for all state QSO parties with models based on the TIGER2000 data; addition of support for thirteen new state QSO parties including Arizona, Delaware, Idaho, Kentucky, Maryland-DC, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Dakota, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, and Virginia; addition of two tutorials by N5NA on basic use of CQ/X and the creation and loading of crossing files. In addition to those major revisions this patch includes the following: fixes a missing county problem in the Missouri QSO party, updates the Exploring CQ/X document, fixes a problem in creating the KML file for the Washington Salmon Run, adds the earned multiplier credit for mobile operation in the Tennessee QSO party, and fixes a problem with sequence numbering in those contests having a sequence number. Patch 177-01 made available on the web site 07-December-2009. 

Revision 177-02:  This patch includes the following revisions/additions:Addition of a summary sheet for the South Dakota QSO Party, revised the GPS heading to obtain it directly from the GPS sentences, provided an automatic reload of the crossing file and data supporting the similar calls search on restarts of the program, revised the County Results display, and added support for the ARRL Ten Meter contest.  Patch 177-02 made available on the web site 14-December-2009. 

Revision 177-03: This patch is primarily in support of some rule changes for the New Mexico QSO party but it also includes the following:added the capability to select the logging time stamp source to be the GPS time with failover to CPU time if the GPS signal is lost; and improved the handling of ambiguities between county abbreviations and operator names in the Colorado, Minnesota, and New Mexico QSO parties.  Patch 177-03 made available on the web site 02-January-2010.

Revision 177-04: The main enhancement in this patch is the addition of support for the new mid-week mini-contest being sponsored by the CW Operators Club. It also includes the following: modified the production of the the KML files in response to a change in the way  Google Maps handles counties having multiple parts, and added an option to the K3 interface module to maintain mode on a band change. Patch 177-04 made available on the web site 13-January-2010.

Revision 177-05: This patch includes the following:addition of support for the Connecticut QSO Party; replacement of county boundary models for Alabama, California, Maryland-DC, Michigan, Mississippi, New York, Rhode Island, and Virginia with improved models from TIGER2009 to provide better modeling on bridges over long expanses of water; fixed a problem wherein AutoCQ would continue using the previous county across a county line; provides a positive indicator that a K3 is in test mode; provides a small control interface for remote operation of the K3; and fixes a scoring problem for the Wisconsin QSO Party. To fix a small problem in the K3 module in Patch 177-05 it was necessary to issue Patch 177-05A which was made available on the web site 04-February-2010.

Revision 177-06: This patch includes the following:added assignable keys to QSY 5KHZ/1KHz up/down, fixed some ambiguous names in the NMQP, MNQP, and NA Sprint; improved the session clock to allow more flexible assignment of start and end times; added PageUp/ PageDn to the assignable keys; modified the CWOps-CWT module to support the new exchange; fixed a problem wherein you could only reassign a key but couldn't de-assign it; fixed a problem in which it was required to have a keyer connected in order to have auto county detect work; fixed a problem with bonus point calculation in the PAQP and revised the category definitions in the WiQP; added a Multiple Waypoint Tracker to allow selection of waypoints based on distance from current location; added the ability to prepare a KML file for projecting a CQ/X GPS QSL formated log onto a Google map.  Patch 177-06 made available on the web site 04-March-2010.

Revision 177-07: This patch includes the following: fixed an adjacency typo in the OKQP mults file; added band and mode information to the operator notes feature; replaced a dead link to the county hunter forum with a link to the Planned Trips site hosted by K3IMC; revised the MiQP Canadian multiplier definitions; added support for the Montana QSO Party; added ability to include an APRS network link in the route KML files; added ability to include a Planned Route network link in the route KML files; added ability to concurrently operate the multi-contests 7QP + NEQP + INQP and FQP+NEBQP including ability to split the log into component logs for each of the QPs: fixed some problems in the device interfaces and added flexibility in setting RTS and DTR; fixed a problem in the Multi-County Logging dialog used for operation on a multi-county line.   Patch 177-07 made available on the web site 12-April-2010.

Revision 177-08: This patch includes the following: added example multi-county CQ and CQT messages to the template; addressed  some issues in manual radio tracking; addressed some issues with the Previous QSOs window; provided an option to silently log a QSO and leave the call sign in the entry window; cleaned up some of the VE entries in the WVE multiplier files; addressed some issues when using the right QSO entry window; provided an option for skipping dupes when operating on a multi-county line; provided an option for loading multi-county operations from a text file listing of available operations.   Patch 177-08 made available on the web site 23-April-2010.

Revision 177-09: This patch includes the following: fixes a problem with the multi-county line operation dialog; fixes a problem with the AutoCQ feature; improves the process for splitting Multi-QP logs into individual logs; adds an option to the Log-on-a-Map feature to allow viewing of QSOs by individual counties.  Patch 177-09 made available on the web site 28-April-2010.

Revision 177-10: This patch includes the following: fixes a problem with the QSO and multiplier accounting for a station operating inside the 7QP region since those stations can get QSO credit, but not additional mult credit, for working NEQP and INQP stations that change counties. Patch 177-10 made available on the web site 29-April-2010.

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Last Updated: 14-June-2010