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Supported Contests

State/Province QSO Parties and Multi-QPs
The majority of the contests supported by CQ/X are naturally state or province QSO parties since those contests are the ones having a mobile component. The current version of CQ/X supports the following state/province and regional QSO parties.

7QP Alabama  Arizona Arkansas British Columbia
California Colorado Connecticut Delaware Florida
Georgia Hawaii Idaho Illinois Indiana
Iowa Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maritimes
Maryland-DC Michigan Minnesota Mississippi Missouri
Montana Nebraska Nevada New England New Hampshire
New Jersey New Mexico New York North Carolina North Dakota
Ohio Oklahoma Ontario Pennsylvania South Carolina
South Dakota Tennessee Texas Vermont Virginia
Washington W. Virginia Wisconsin Cross Country[1] US Counties

1. Cross country includes multi-state capability and ability to operate in the County Hunter Nets. It is a precursor to a module for the US Counties contest sponsored by MARAC. Support for US Counties was implemented in Patch 179-06.

Multiple Concurrent QSO Parties
The current version of CQ/X also supports operation of multiple concurrent QSO parties as a single contest. 

Other HF Contests
The current version of CQ/X also supports the following contests that do not have a mobile component.

ARRL Field Day ARRL Sweepstakes ARRL Ten Meter FOC QP
FOC Marathon IARU-HF NA QSO Party NA Sprint
NCCC Sprints RAC Winter CQWW WPX CWOps Mini-CWT
CW Open

VHF/UHF Contests

The current version of CQ/X uses GPS data to detect and display the current grid square in preparation for supporting VHF/UHF contests but it is not yet set up for the details associated with these contests. However, the current plan is to include support for some of these contests in the near future since these contests also have a mobile component.

Copyright: C.W. Sanders, NO5W
Last Updated: 26-April-2020