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Main Package Download - version 1.8.1

Please review the Installation Instructions file prior to downloading the complete package. 
Please also note the following:
  1. If you have a previous version of the software please make sure you have saved any log file (CQxClientLogView.log) that you have not finalized since this file may be overwritten during the installation.
  2. If you have a version of the software prior to and including version 1.7.4 you should uninstall that version before installing 1.8.0 or 1.8.1. If you have a version later than version 1.7.4 you can install this new version on top of the old one.
Begin the Download - To begin the download of version (1.8.1) right click on CQX Download Package-1.8.1 and elect to save the file to a directory of your choosing. This is the latest base version. There is currently one patch for 1.8.1. 

Upzip the Package - Once the download is complete unzip the package. This will result in two files: a small ReadAbout... pdf file and a setup exe file. It is recommended that you read the ReadAbout file 

Install the software - Run the Setup file to install the software.

Updating Previous Version- If you are interested in continuing to use base version 1.8.0 there are a number of patches (see here) that will need to be installed in 1.8.0 in order to bring it up to the level of 1.8.1.  Then you can apply the following patch

Here are all of the patches for 1.8.1. 

Download Patch 181-01:  Included in this patch:
  • Fixed a monitoring problem with the interface to the IC-7100 and IC-7300;
  • Added keystokes to control the RF Gain of the K3
  • Added ability to operate the Missouri and Mississippi QSO Parties as a multi-QP
  • Added automation to the preparation of files for uploading to LoTW
  • Fixed a problem wherein an invalid character in the log file would cause the program to hang on restart
  • Added support for the Arizona QSO Party
  • Added support for the Nevada QSO Party
        Right click on Patch_181-01 and elect to save the file to download the patch.

Download Patch 181-02:  Included in this patch:
  • Fixed a problem wherein Virginia's enclave cities were not being detected;
        Right click on Patch_181-02 and elect to save the file to download the patch.

Download Patch 181-03:  Included in this patch:
  • Added Kentucky Contest Group to the Kentucky clubs;
  • Updated documentation for Preparing Activity Website;
  • Updated the dialog and documentation for Preparing Map Tracker KML files;
        Right click on Patch_181-03 and elect to save the file to download the patch.

Download Patch 181-04:  Included in this patch:
  • Added 6m and 2m to the bands allowed in the New Mexico QSO Party;
        Right click on Patch_181-04 and elect to save the file to download the patch.

Copyright: C.W. Sanders, NO5W
Last Updated: 27-April-2020