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A Kiosk Version of Pile Up Net

In many cases the number of potential contestants and the amount of time, expertise, and hardware available does not justify a full implementation of Pile Up Net. As the name suggests the Kiosk version is designed to be a standalone application wherein contestants walk up and take a test similar to the ones used in Pile Up Net using an application that is similar to the Player application used in Pile Up Net.

Although use of the Kiosk application is straightforward a small set of user notes is also included in and serves to illustrate some of the features unique to the kiosk version.

The latest version of the Kiosk Pileup has a build date of 2023-05-11. If you are interested in the Kiosk version or need an update please contact the author NO5W at his QRZ address;

Good luck in the pileups, whether real or otherwise!


Copyright: C.W. Sanders, NO5W
Last Updated: 11-May-2023