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Revision History - Version 1.8.1

The latest base release of the software is version 1.8.1 released 18-December-2017. This page describes the revisions made to version 1.8.1. If you are interested in the revision history for earlier versions see the links below.

Revisions to previous versions:

Revision histories for previous versions are on the following pages of the website:
Revision History - Version 1.8.0
Revision History - Version 1.7.9
Revision History - Version 1.7.8
Revision History - Version 1.7.7
Revision History - Version 1.7.6
Revision History - version 1.7.5
Revision History - version 1.7.4

Revision history for versions prior to 1.7.4 may be found in the program's Help file CQXClient.pdf which is available for individual download or via the Help menu of the program.

Revisions to the current version:

Revision 181-01: Included in this patch:
  • Fixed a monitoring problem with the interface to the IC-7100 and IC-7300;
  • Added keystokes to control the RF Gain of the K3
  • Added ability to operate the Missouri and Mississippi QSO Parties as a multi-QP
  • Added automation to the preparation of files for uploading to LoTW
  • Fixed a problem wherein an invalid character in the log file would cause the program to hang on restart
  • Added support for the Arizona QSO Party
  • Added support for the Nevada QSO Party
        Patch 181-01 made available on the web site 08-October-2018.

Revision 181-02: Included in this patch:
  • Fixed a problem wherin Virginia's enclave cities where not being detected;
        Patch 181-02 made available on the web site 06-March-2019.
Revision 181-03: Included in this patch:
  • Added Kentucky Contest Group to the Kentucky clubs;
  • Updated documentation for Preparing Activity Website;
  • Updated the dialog and documentation for Preparing Map Tracker KML files;
        Patch 181-03 made available on the web site 30-July-2019.
Revision 181-04: Included in this patch:
  • Added 6m and 2m to the bands allowed in the New Mexico QSO Party;
        Patch 181-04 made available on the web site 20-March-2020.

Revision 181-05: Included in this patch:
  • Changed county abbreviations for the Arkansas QSO Party;
        Patch 181-05 made available on the web site 10-May-2022.

Revision 181-06: Included in this patch:
  • Changed Canadian multiplier for the New York  QSO Party to Canadian provinces;
  • Revised the operating categories for the New York QSO Party
        Patch 181-06 made available on the web site 08-October-2022.

Revision 181-07: Included in this patch:
  • Removed unnecessary debug/error statements.
        Patch 181-07 made available on the web site 16-July-2023.
Copyright: C.W. Sanders, NO5W
Last Updated: 16-July-2023