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QSL Gallery

When used with a GPS, CQ/X can be set up to log the coordinates of each QSO in a file separate from the QSO log. Once the QSO party is over this log, along with a mapping program such as Streets and Trips can be used to create a unique QSL showing the map location from which the QSO was made. This is described briefly in GPS-Enabled QSLs and in more detail in the Help file.

Here's a small set of examples that I've sent out or made for some other purpose over the last several years. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of each QSL.

DL5AWI Thumbnail K1TO Thumbnail K8MR Thumbnail KO1U Thumbnail N8II Thumbnail
K5NZ_PIN_Thumb CU2JT Thumbnail DL3GA Thumbnail K4BAI Thumbnail N2AA Thumbnail
N6MU Thumbnail N9JF Thumbnail W2CVW Thumbnail WB8JUI Thumbnail W5ZL Thumbnail
KB9OWD Thumbnail W7GVE Thumbnail NT5O Thumbnail N8II Thumbnail WA3GNW Thumbnail
KD5JWC Love Thumbnail OM2VL Thumbnail Log on a map Thumbnail NM2L Thumbnail KU5B Thumbnail
W7GVE Thumbnail W4IHI Thumbnail AD5WI Thumbnail DL3DXX Thumbnail NO5W Log-on-a-map Thumbnail
HK3Q Thumbnail KV8Q Thumbnail NT2A Thumbnail W4UCZ Thumbnail DL5AWI Thumbnail

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Last Updated: 26-April-2020