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Operate Multiple Concurrent QSO Parties

There are quite a few weekends where there are multiple state/regional QSO parties taking place. For example in  mid-March Louisiana is on Saturday and Oklahoma on Saturday-Sunday of the same weekend. Another example is the weekend following the GQP there are the following five QSO parties: Michigan, South Dakota, Ontario, North Dakota, and Nebraska. Those are only two example weekends where you might want to play in multiple QSO parties. Here is a list of the ones supported by CQ/X:


Prior to operating one of these contests you should consult this document that contains some helpful notes specific to these contests. To use this feature in each of these multi-QPs you will need version 1.7.9 patched through at least Patch 179-09.If you are outside the target areas of these multi-QPs you can operate in them as if they were a single contest choosing the appropriate multi-QP when starting up. If you are inside a target area you should just choose your target area's QSO party. When you're done you can use menu item File | Split Multi-Contest Log to access the following dialog for preparing the final log for submission to each of the QSO parties.

Split Log Dialog

Additional details on this feature are described in the document Operating the Multi-QP Contests.

Copyright: C.W. Sanders, NO5W
Last Updated: 26-April-2020